Sunday, January 23, 2011

Contributions Please

Anybody with recommendation or good satay haunts? 

New satay discoveries ? 

Fresh place to jolok mulut ? 

Let me know la... ok.

PM, email, comments accepted. 

(Cash please, no cards) 


Located at Medan Selera (aka Ramal Junction, no signboard seen with this name), has lots of stall gathered arouf and I noticed it previously (smoke signal) ... ahemmm... 

So with a visitor friend (shall call him OP, short for Orang Putih) and it is always a good excuse and time to present them with this famous dish. As typical tourist go... they are attracted to the coal pits, seeing the smoke and smelling the aroma. So OP had to take a few photos standing next to the BBQ smoke. Snaps shot and table ready, we ordered 40 sticks. A mix of 20 chicken, 10 beef and 10 mutton. 

It was just past 6 in the evening, sun still shining bright (sundown is after 7.40) , we saw a nasi lemak and took a plate while waiting. The nasi came fast and sampled. Nice and average, with fried chicken and sweet spicy sambal. Our satay came soon after, piping hot but I was disappointed with the cool (you can call it cold) peanut sauce. 

Ketupat is optional, and it comes in the traditional daun lipat (not nasi himpit, the one in plastic bag)

Served in common plastic plate and bowls, cucumber and onion complemented the full feast. Size of each stick is average, mix of lean and some skin bits in between.
Taste is sweet and succulent, beef is tender, mutton has some bony bits. Some burnt bits here and there adds the crispy smoky taste when chewing.

Nice........ !

Asked OP about the taste and with his mouth full, he gave 2 thumbs up. At the end OP counted 15 sticks, which he thinks is too much, but I feel is normal. Once another OP I know had 30 sticks ..... seriously!!

Verdict in 1 line :  Simply satisfying,  deliciously 2 thumbs up !

They have a contact number for ordering : 012-3500394 , 013-3309291

I forgot to ask price per stick, but the total bill was for RM 30+ , so I estimated price is about RM 0.70 or 0.80. OP was so satisfied, he insisted on forking the bill. How can I refuse a satisfied customer? ok.... next treat is mine la.

Checking online, I found they are on Facebook. Just search for "Willy Satay". Seems not very active to comments, no updates either since Oct 2010.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Nyuk Lan Satay Kajang (Restoran Malaysia)

At first I wanted to give this restaurant a pass, but having been a regular patron here, I must say they serve pretty good satay. As many other bloggers and reviewers have given good ratings and reviews of the this place, I would like to add a few points, but skip my review.

For those comments, please check them individually by:

Having met the boss once and chatted a bit, he revealed that he use strictly chicken breast meat (all lean), hence no fatty oil, or skin, However with proper marinate and tasty sauce and hot off the grill servings, taste and quality is consistant over the years. 

Their beef satay is pretty tender too, I suspect they may use some tenderiser, making it  chewey and not rubbery.

Being certified halal and having a few muslim staff, customers are mostly Chinese (or non-Malay). This is just my observation, not that it affects their business. Tables are full most times during dinner (weekdays) and all day at weekends. Parking may even be a problem too as it is in the centre of the town. You can park a short distance away, walk over, good to build up the appetite.

No photos to post here, but the basic info as follows :

Restoran Malaysia (Nyuk Lan Kajang Satay)

31 Jalan Semenyih, Kajang. 
Tel: 603-8733 1160
Opens from 10am till 11pm
Closed on Tuesdays

(Located near Prescott Metro Inn / Shell station)

Saturday, January 8, 2011

(Outside Kajang) Satay Station Kg Pandan

It is not impossible for places outside Kajang to get really good satay, it is a fact that I have tasted some really great delectable and delicious ones. With s***ty satay being served by Haji Samuri Kajang, I daresay and vouch that serious competition has taken over, prooved that at the end of the day, they did a good job and gave good service. 

Today I had some really GREAT satay at Satay Station (Kg Pandan), but I think they have a few branches with a check with google (info from some bloggers - Kampung Pandan, Ampang Waterfront, Setiawangsa, Mont Kiara).

But the surprising part is, there is no menu. Let me explain - they do not need it.

They serve only satay and mee rebus. And they really do it well. That is real FOCUS. To do few things and to do it well. No overload of choices, no worry of getting the wrong thing. And the mee rebus really blew my mind! It was the best I ever had. IN MY LIFE!

Sedaaaapnye! the sauce is sweetish with a tinge of sour, thickened (my friend suggested it was done with tapioca flour) with small slices of tasty beef, sliced boiled egg, garnished as most places do, but the overall taste is just nice. Kinda pricey at RM 6.90 (if compared to small stalls) and portion of mee is small. 

Satay was presented in a small oval tray (about 20 sticks per tray) lined with banana leaf, accopanied with onions, timun (sliced cucumber) and nasi himpit (rice cubes).

The stoves are lined near entrance and you see them work on them when orders are placed. 

Price per stick of satay is RM 0.90, skin and lean mix, reasonable size.

the kuah (peanut sauce) was kinda oily, but I suspect I was an early customer and the pot had the upper layer not properly mixed before pouring on serving bowls. Anyway, a sumptious meal and satisfied customers can be seen chomping away before the sky was even dark.

Address : 55 Jalan A, Kampung Pandan, Kuala Lumpur (on right side of MRR2, coming from Cheras / same as Taman Cempaka)

The place is a bit hidden, as it is lined with some houses and trees cover up the front. Just a small signboard and possibly a lot of cars parked outside gives clue.

Seating is open air, some gondolas (some not), 2 little garden (iron) huts and also inside the "house" on mats available with TVs for the cosy-in-a-house feeling.

Verdict in 1 line : Pricey but satisfying,  deliciously 2 thumbs up !

And must try Mee Rebus!!