Sunday, January 23, 2011


Located at Medan Selera (aka Ramal Junction, no signboard seen with this name), has lots of stall gathered arouf and I noticed it previously (smoke signal) ... ahemmm... 

So with a visitor friend (shall call him OP, short for Orang Putih) and it is always a good excuse and time to present them with this famous dish. As typical tourist go... they are attracted to the coal pits, seeing the smoke and smelling the aroma. So OP had to take a few photos standing next to the BBQ smoke. Snaps shot and table ready, we ordered 40 sticks. A mix of 20 chicken, 10 beef and 10 mutton. 

It was just past 6 in the evening, sun still shining bright (sundown is after 7.40) , we saw a nasi lemak and took a plate while waiting. The nasi came fast and sampled. Nice and average, with fried chicken and sweet spicy sambal. Our satay came soon after, piping hot but I was disappointed with the cool (you can call it cold) peanut sauce. 

Ketupat is optional, and it comes in the traditional daun lipat (not nasi himpit, the one in plastic bag)

Served in common plastic plate and bowls, cucumber and onion complemented the full feast. Size of each stick is average, mix of lean and some skin bits in between.
Taste is sweet and succulent, beef is tender, mutton has some bony bits. Some burnt bits here and there adds the crispy smoky taste when chewing.

Nice........ !

Asked OP about the taste and with his mouth full, he gave 2 thumbs up. At the end OP counted 15 sticks, which he thinks is too much, but I feel is normal. Once another OP I know had 30 sticks ..... seriously!!

Verdict in 1 line :  Simply satisfying,  deliciously 2 thumbs up !

They have a contact number for ordering : 012-3500394 , 013-3309291

I forgot to ask price per stick, but the total bill was for RM 30+ , so I estimated price is about RM 0.70 or 0.80. OP was so satisfied, he insisted on forking the bill. How can I refuse a satisfied customer? ok.... next treat is mine la.

Checking online, I found they are on Facebook. Just search for "Willy Satay". Seems not very active to comments, no updates either since Oct 2010.


  1. satay willy mmg sedap kt ramal junction tu klu x caye pgi la try mmg sedap sya ckp ni sbb umah nenek sya dekat je kt situ...

  2. selalu je aku beli satay willy..sbb aku memang tinggal dekat situ..satay lain susah nak challege beb..even satay kajang yg famous satu masa dulu pun rasanya dah out..satay willey the best

  3. memang serius sedap ni
    majlis kat ofc pun memang oder satay ni, terbaik la

  4. Blog ini sudah tidak aktif dan semua dijemput ke laman facebook kami. Update segala yang terbaru berkenaan satay dan bandar Kajang tersayang ini. Lik ada di sini :

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